John Kaschak

Biospawn Reinventing The Soft Plastic

Biospawn Reinventing The Soft Plastic

I am an absolute creature of habit. I learned to fish on Yamamoto Senkos in Green Pumpkin. The same bait my Uncle still fishes. When times are tough and you are hurting for a bite, that’s what you throw. I’ve caught more bass than I can count on those lures and have many fond memories […]


Biggest Smallmouth I have ever seen.

This beauty was submitted by a reader. Can you imagine this monster slaunch hitting a SPINNERBAIT?! Fishing a lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin with a war eagle spinnerbait and this monster hit like a tank. It measured 24″ Long and 18″ Girth. Weighed on boca grip 8.5 pounds


Colorado Smallie

A nice Colorado smallie from one our great fans! Denver, Colorado


Tried And True or Something New? Avoid Tough Bite Syndrome

Guest article by friend of everything-smallmouth, John Kaschak Every bass angler knows when the leaves start to fall its prime time for smallmouth bass. Tried and True As a tournament angler I notice a lot of people sticking with what they know may work, or what the current ‘trend’ is, and this means jerkbaits/spinners for […]

 Clif Gallagher


Hollow-bodied frogs work for the bronzebacks. Don’t be fooled by their common appearance! If you have a lake or a river by your house that houses smallmouth, throw them frogs! A couple of weeks ago, I was fishing a local lake and had been on a frog kick from all of the giant largemouth that […]


Boys Vs Girls: Smallie Fishing With Reel River Adventures

I had the pleasure of having the good Dr. Chris Smith on the RiverPro again. This time he brought his entire family and took advantage of our summer special. The Smith family (Chris, Jen, Owen, Anya, and Clayton) arrived at 3:00 PM Tuesday for the evening charter. Chris and I had conversations about conditions prior […]

 David Munoz

Flatheads vs Smallies

Hi guys,I have a theory for you to ponder. Here is a question about flathead catfish and smallmouth bass from one of our readers. Please comment below! Here on the Maumee River there’s a stretch that I fish from a boat. It’s a pool that runs about mile in between two rapid areas.I used to […]

 Michael Robinson

First Solo Smallmouth

This is a picture of my son (Nicholas Robinson (6) ), who caught his first smallmouth completely by hisself on artificial while fishing the Cranesnest River in Clintwood VA with his older brother (TW Robinson) and me (Michael Robinson). A very excited young boy…. and dad. Michael Robinson We love to hear stories from our readers! […]


Choosing a Fly Rod for Smallmouth Bass

By: David Shorkey Choosing A Fly Rod Choosing a fly rod for Smallmouth Bass is an easy task if you follow the guidelines in this article. Most of this I have found out over the years through trial and error, because when I started fly fishing, there was no internet. Hopefully, this little guide will […]

 matt branting

Personal Biggest Tournament Smallie

This was my best smallie fishing a tournament on Dworshak Reservoir May 4th, 2013 went 7.1 and had a 18.7 lb bag for the day.. Outstanding!