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 Christopher Smith

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Review With Smallmouth Bass Video

Bass fishing games for the various gaming systems have gotten mixed reviews over the years.   The Rapala Pro Bass Fishing game is the best of the bunch. If you are looking to get your fishing fix over the winter or at times in between trips to your favorite fishing spot, this game may be […]

 Jim Hanley

Lake Erie Bass Tips and Tactics for Tube Lovers

By Jim Hanley The first time I was introduced to a “gitzit” was in 1978 Thousand Islands tournament. Like the fish I was enticing, I was hooked by this new technique. That first day I was paired with Greg Ward, grandson of legendary TV Celebrity, Virgil Ward. He proceeded to show me what this “gitzit” […]

 Christopher Smith

Skeet Reese Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims

 BASS Elite Series Pro, Skeet Reese, is helping Hurricane Sandy victims by auctioning of some of his stuff.  He will match what is raised up to $5,000 as well. Skeet Reese Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims To raise money for the families affected by the tragic storms that have battered the East Coast, Bassmaster Elite Series […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Champlain Bass Tournament Smallmouth

Lake Champlain is home to bass tournament smallmouth bass fishing all throughout the year. In some of the tournaments, the winner ends up bagging a few largemouth bass that help put anglers over the top.   Sometimes it’s the smallmouth bass bite that propels the winner to victory. Lake Champlain Bass Tournament Smallmouth In the Walmart […]

 Christopher Smith

Larry Nixon On Finding Smallmouths

Larry Nixon talks about finding smallmouths during a recent interview with FLW Outdoors. After winning on Lake St. Clair, Larry discussed some of the things that he thought about while trying to find smallmouth bass that could put him over the top in the standings. Larry Nixon On Finding Smallmouths Q: Larry, how did you […]

 Christopher Smith

Sometimes Even Kevin Van Dam Can’t Get Them To Bite…

Whenever we are fishing and not catching, it is usually difficult to tell whether there are no fish where we are fishing or if they just aren’t interested in what we are offering. Watch this video of Kevin Van Dam fishing for smallies with a Strike King Crankbait.  He is able to get the bronzebacks […]

 Christopher Smith

Kevin Van Dam’s Bass Fishing Tips

As a smallmouth bass angler, I always pay attention when Kevin Van Dam is offering bass fishing tips. Kevin Van Dam is one of the top anglers of the last decade and is a student of the sport as well as an awesome teacher. Having come from Michigan, he has a passion for smallmouth bass and […]

 Christopher Smith

Boyd Duckett Wins Oneida With Smallmouth and Largemouth

As the sun sets on another BASS Elite tournament season and all the Bass boats are heading home we find out that Boyd Duckett won the BASS Elite Series Oneida Lake with a combination of smallmouth and largemouth bass on August 26,2012. This win earns him $100,000 and a ticket to ride in the 2013 Bassmaster […]

 Christopher Smith

Day 2 BASS Tournament Oneida Lake – Smallmouths

On Day 2 of the BASS Elite Series tournament, Randy Howell is finding enough smallmouth bass in Oneida Lake to take the lead.  This time of year, smallmouth bass tend to chase baitfish such as shad and will often move around the lake in packs.  The key is finding the baitfish and then you’ll find […]

 Christopher Smith

BASS Elite Series Oneida Smallmouth

With the BASS Elite Series making its final stop for 2012, we will be watching closely to see what role Oneida smallmouth bass have in the final standings. Lake Oneida is well known for its smallmouth bass fishing but it also has a healthy population of largemouth bass so you never know what impact the […]