River Smallmouth Fishing Archive

Spinnerbait Heaven!

It was the 26th of June, rain had come through and we were looking  of river and brought our totals at that point to 48 bass and one 20″ walleye. We were having so much fun, we forgot about lunch until things died down

Brazos River Smallmouth Fishing

Texans like to say “everything is bigger in Texas” and for those fishermen fishing on the Brazos River this is certainly true concerning the size of the smallmouth bass they are catching. Recently a monster smallmouth was recently snagged on the Brazos. This smallie

Top 5 Rivers for Smallmouth Bass Action

Fishermen are creatures of habit. When we find a river, lake, or impoundment that produces smallmouth bass in abundance we tend to stick with this body of water for the majority of our fishing time. Doing so is fine if you are happy fishing

Catching Smallmouth Bass on the St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River, flowing along the Canadian and United States border, is one of the premier smallmouth bass rivers in North America. Catching smallmouth bass on the St. Lawrence River has been the pursuit of many bronzeback anglers for decades with an unknown

Columbia River Smallmouth Action

The Columbia River is arguably one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the west. Take a few minutes to check out the action here: Columbia River Smallies Please let us know if you have any stories or pics from the Columbia River. We’d

Get Where Smallmouth Bass Are By Kayak

A fellow smallmouth fisherman introduced me to using the easy to transport and stealth of using a kayak for slipping into some of the best smallmouth bass fishing on local streams. We are talking about small streams I drove past all the time on

Shots Fired At Susky Smallmouth Anglers

I received this disturbing message from one of our fans today. Kayla and her dad were fishing in Northeast PA on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River and they were fired upon by someone accross the river. They thought initially it was a