River Smallmouth Fishing

 Christopher Smith

A Day On The Rising River

A few months ago, a friend of mine called and said he books a few trips a year with LD Guide Service in northeast Pennsylvania to fish for bronzebacks on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Lance Dunham has been fishing the area for almost 50 years […]

 Christopher Smith

Iowa’s Cedar River Smallmouth Fishing

All over the United States there are creeks, streams, rivers that hold some amazing smallmouth bass easily accessible on foot or small water craft. One of these is the Cedar River just south of the Minnesota border flowing south into the Iowa River. Catch and release regulations have protected the smallmouth population in the upper […]

 Christopher Smith

Sometimes They Just Aren’t Biting

What’s the old joke about fishing when you don’t catch as many as you thought you would or God forbid, you get skunked? “That’s why they call it fishing, not catching” I got the opportunity to fish the Delaware River yesterday, near Phillipsburg, NJ. We hit the water at 4 pm, hoping to capitalize on […]

 Christopher Smith

Big Smallies In Kankakee High Water

Despite high, stained water, the fishing on the Kankakee for smallmouth bass is fantastic. Take a look at this recent article in The Daily Journal about the 22 1/2 inch bass pulled out of there at 7:45 am on a crankbait. Bonfield fisherman Mike Sovinski gave proof on Monday that high water fishing can be […]

 Christopher Smith

Shenandoah River Smallmouth Alive and Swimming!

The Shenandoah River is making a rebound and the smallmouth bass appear to be well on their way to recovering.  Back in 2004, smallmouth bass were found to be dying and pollution was suspected. In 2006, the river was so bad that it shut down Jeff Kelble’s fishing guide business. He then took up the […]


Light Action Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Eddy

Light action fishing in eddies below a spillway can be a sure fire way to get a bend in your fishing rod. The techniques for fishing these eddies are most effective when simple and the brawl you get from smallmouth in the eddy will keep you coming back for more. An eddy is a break […]

 Christopher Smith

High Water Smallies: Don’t Let High Water Stop You

Many of our smallmouth bass fishing fans live in areas where the prime smallmouth bass fishing is in rivers and streams. When the rains of spring come and push water levels up, some anglers keep the rods in the garage and wait for another day. I have to say that I would rather fish moderately […]

 Christopher Smith

Prime Time For River Smallmouth

As many of you already know, prespawn is an unbelievable time to fish for smallmouth bass in rivers and lakes.  I can tell you first hand that the river smallmouth bass fishing is kicking into high gear here in the east but also throughout the mid-atlantic and midwestern states. Prime time for river smallmouth Many […]

 Christopher Smith

What A Difference A Week Can Make

When you are a smallmouth bass angler, conditions can change so quickly, it’ll make you head spin. The truly excellent anglers can adapt to changes in weather, water conditions, seasons, and bass behavior. What a difference a week can make: weather changes I’ve been lucky the past 2 weeks in being able to fish the […]

 Christopher Smith

Maine Alewives: Will They Hurt Or Help Smallmouth Bass?

The Maine legislature is currently in the process of deciding how rapidly to open up Maine’s St. Croix River to alewives.  Alewives are a native species of fish that were blocked from entering this waterway since 1995 due to concerns that they were having a negative impact on smallmouth bass. Just like most things, the […]