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Duo Realis Lure Giveaway!

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 Christopher Smith

How To Repair Your Spinnerbait Skirt

We all know that smallmouth bass can be brutal on spinnerbaits. It often becomes necessary to perform a little rehab when our spinnerbaits have taken a beating or when the skirts have become damaged by time or leaving the baits in a hot car or boat storage compartment. The good news is that skirts, collars […]

 Christopher Smith

Winner Of The Kistler Rod And Paul Krew Baits

Tonight, a winner was randomly selected to win the Kistler rod and Paul Krew plastics. Kevin Wallace is the winner. You can check out how he was selected here: and the final results here: click Thanks for entering everyone and better luck next time!! Tight Lines!

 Christopher Smith

Everything Smallmouth, Kistler Rods and Paul Krew Hand Poured Bait Give Away, Kistler Rods and Paul Krew have teamed up to give away 3 packs (55 baits) of Paul’s hand poured, amazingly detailed custom soft plastics to one of our lucky subscribers each month for June, July and August. And just announced… Kistler is offering their KLX Grass Punching-Stump Grinder X Heavy 7′ 3″ rod in […]

 Christopher Smith

Rod Balance More Important Than Weight?

Fishing all day can begin to put a strain on your wrist, elbow or shoulder. With each type of presentation, there are different repetitive motions and these can begin to cause fatique by the end of the day. Perhaps you are continually trying to upgrade your rod and reel to the lightest on the market, […]

 Christopher Smith

Shakey Head For Smallmouth Bass

Everyone talks about drop shotting for smallmouth bass these days but don’t forget about the simplicity of the shakey head. It’s easy to set up and can really trigger sluggish bass. With the shakey head, you are imitating small forage such as crayfish, lizards, worms and even bait fish sometimes. Here’s some great video describing […]


Sandbag (Slinky) Drift Rigs For Smallmouth Bass

Brett Richardson, well known fishing writer for over 35 years, shares his tips for choosing leader lengths, weights and bait options for using a 3 way rig and a sandbag weight or Lindy snagless sinker for smallmouth bass.  This rig is very easy to set up. You can contact Brett by going to his Facebook […]

 Christopher Smith

Four Things To Do Now To Fish This Spring

Smallmouth bass fishing is a wonderful, sometimes relaxing and sometimes challenging sport, but over the years I’ve found that if I don’t plan ahead the trip can easily hit snags (pun intended) along the way. With so many variables involved I’ve found that it’s a good idea to make a list of everything that needs […]

 Christopher Smith

Fishing Eye Injuries Can Be Prevented

Did you know that fishing eye injuries are the most common sports related eye injury?  This honor used to be held by basketball and raquet sports, what with all the elbows flying around but now fishing leads the pack. There is nothing worse than having an injury on the boat that cuts short the day, […]

 Christopher Smith

Dave Mercer Explains Strike King’s Coffee Dream Shot

Dave Mercer shows the effectiveness of the Strike King KVD Dream Shot bait and tells us where Strike King came up with the formula for their coffee baits. Who would have thought bass would like coffee! Check it out 🙂 Dave Mercer and Strike King Coffee Drop Shot Bait Dave does great web clips that […]