Smallmouth Fishing Reports

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report 12.13.2013

Let’s take a look at some smallmouth bass fishing reports for the middle of December, 2013. There aren’t many reports available this time of year but we can count on continued reports from Tennessee. Even if you don’t live in these areas, I hope this helps you figure out what to fish when the water […]

 Christopher Smith

Reel River Adventures Amazing November Day

103 Bass today with 7 bass over 19″. Our best bass was a pair of bass that were only an eighth of an inch away from 20″. I am seeking just two more, how heartbreaking is it to catch 7 so close LOL. Poor Me. We had at least 75 bass 16 to 20″ today. […]

 Christopher Smith

Statue Of Liberty Smallmouth Bass: Lady Liberty On The Susky

One of my favorite places to fish for smallies in the fall is right below the Statue of Liberty. What? You may say! Yes, there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty that sits right on an old railroad column from a bridge gone a hundred years ago just north of Harrisburg in Fort […]

 Christopher Smith

Mid South Bass Guide Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report

Mid South Bass Guide fishing report: Sept 21, 2013, Tim’s Ford Fishing Report –Most of the smallmouth caught came from 15 to 25 FOW.We focused on main lake points/rounds and the front third of main lake pockets which consisted of transition areas of chunk rock to gravel. We used T-Rigged D-Bombs from Missile Baits, SPRO […]


Boys Vs Girls: Smallie Fishing With Reel River Adventures

I had the pleasure of having the good Dr. Chris Smith on the RiverPro again. This time he brought his entire family and took advantage of our summer special. The Smith family (Chris, Jen, Owen, Anya, and Clayton) arrived at 3:00 PM Tuesday for the evening charter. Chris and I had conversations about conditions prior […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Fishing Report July 13, 2013

Let’s take a mid July look at the smallmouth bass fishing reports from around the United States and see what’s going on! With summer here, bass in most areas will be moving into or are in their summer patterns. Smallmouth Fishing Report 7.13.2013 Washington Tapps: Smallmouth bass action has been very good in recent days. Look […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Champlain Bass Season Opens

Lake Champlain Fishing Report by Howard Hammonds: Finally opening day of bass season is here.  Well not really, we have been  fishing  ”catch and release” for weeks, it just means we can keep bass in our live wells and fish tournaments. Yea!!! Plunder Bay  tournament is Saturday morning, good luck to all. The bite is really on, especially […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report March 16, 2013

Hi all, its time for our smallmouth bass fishing report to get you up to date on what is happening in various parts of North America. Some say, “what do I care about what is happening in Tennessee or Virginia when I live in Minnesota? You can earn a lot by looking at the trends […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report 3.2.2013

As we are moving toward spring, there are reports of more snow on the way but there are also reports of smallmouth bass becoming more active.  This report from Tennessee will show the flicker of spring that we know will be here soon. We like to highlight various fishing reports from around the country, to […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Reports In Virginia 1.20.2013

For you fly anglers in Virginia, check out this web site and fishing reports.  It’s always great to have local insights to help you catch more smallmouth bass! Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Reports In Virginia Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report January 18, 2013 By Harry Murray January 18, 2013 Comments Off 0 We are catching some […]