Smallmouth fishing techniques

 Clif Gallagher


Hollow-bodied frogs work for the bronzebacks. Don’t be fooled by their common appearance! If you have a lake or a river by your house that houses smallmouth, throw them frogs! A couple of weeks ago, I was fishing a local lake and had been on a frog kick from all of the giant largemouth that […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Clear Water

Some smallmouth bass anglers think that fishing for bronzebacks in clear water is difficult. After all, when the water is clear, isn’t it hard to fool the bass into eating artificial baits? When you fish for smallmouth bass in clear water you have to be willing to vary your strategies if you plan to be […]

 Christopher Smith

Sometimes They Just Aren’t Biting

What’s the old joke about fishing when you don’t catch as many as you thought you would or God forbid, you get skunked? “That’s why they call it fishing, not catching” I got the opportunity to fish the Delaware River yesterday, near Phillipsburg, NJ. We hit the water at 4 pm, hoping to capitalize on […]


Sandbag (Slinky) Drift Rigs For Smallmouth Bass

Brett Richardson, well known fishing writer for over 35 years, shares his tips for choosing leader lengths, weights and bait options for using a 3 way rig and a sandbag weight or Lindy snagless sinker for smallmouth bass.  This rig is very easy to set up. You can contact Brett by going to his Facebook […]

 Christopher Smith

What Is A Jerkbait and How Is It Fished?

When it comes to catching bass there are all sorts of different baits you can use, including some great lures such as crankbaits, jigs, plastics, spinnerbaits and topwaters. However, one of the very best baits, at just about any time of year, are jerkbaits. If you are new to smallmouth bass fishing, you may be […]

 Christopher Smith

Hook Up With Trailer Hooks: This Ain’t No Smallmouth Trailer Trash Talk

Spinnerbaits are FUN. That’s a no-brainer. Feel a strike and not hooking up with the bronzeback that bit it?  That’s No fun! How can you increase your odds of landing smallmouth bass on spinnerbaits? Add a trailer hook. Bass Pros and expert anglers such as Kevin Van Dam and Larry Nixon swear by them and you should […]

 Christopher Smith

Gut Hooked Fish: Do They Survive? How To Remove The Hook

We have all been there. You’re slow to set the hook because the wind is blowing and you don’t feel the bite. You land the bass and your heart sinks as you see you’ve gut hooked the fish and you fear this catch and release won’t go so well.  You fiddle around with the hook […]

 Christopher Smith

Catching Smallmouth Bass In Streams And Creeks: Everything Smallmouth Fan Tips

“I’m seeing all kinds of advice about catching smallmouth in lakes and rivers. But, I float creeks of Kentucky in a kayak. Any advice from Everything Smallmouth Folks? I’m catching plenty of largemouth. But, I know there are smallmouth in my creeks. Others catch them. Please share some secrets.” We recently posted this question on […]

 Christopher Smith

Dave Mercer Explains Strike King’s Coffee Dream Shot

Dave Mercer shows the effectiveness of the Strike King KVD Dream Shot bait and tells us where Strike King came up with the formula for their coffee baits. Who would have thought bass would like coffee! Check it out 🙂 Dave Mercer and Strike King Coffee Drop Shot Bait Dave does great web clips that […]

 Christopher Smith

Lunkerhunt Bento Minnows For Smallmouth Bass

Big Lakes, clear water, smallmouth bass… drop shotting for bronzebacks is where it’s at in many area of the US and Canada.  If you are interested in something new and highly effective, check out these Lunkerhead Bento Minnows for smallmouth bass. These realistic baitfish imitations will fire up even the laziest of smallmouth bass. Lunkerhead […]