Smallmouth Habitat

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass of Lake Simcoe

Smallmouth bass in lakes and rivers love rocky substrate. It’s always interesting to see video of them moving in their natural environments.ᅠ Smallmouth Bass of Lake Simcoe These bass were found in about 10-15 feet of water off the north point (lighthouse) of Georgina Island on Lake Simcoe. From: ve3xtr Views: 1 0 ratings Time: […]

 Christopher Smith

Air Pollution’s Threat To Fish and Game

Many people don’t realize that air pollution can be a threat to fish and game.  Mercury is a contaminant that we don’t want in our food chain. People don’t realize how much fishermen and hunters want to preserve the environment and are avid conservationists. The reliance on foreign fuel is going to push us into […]

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