Smallmouth Habitat

 Christopher Smith

New South Dakota Smallmouth Bass Record

New State Smallmouth Record Hey smallie fans! Just wanted to give you a heads up on this new state record smallmouth bass that was caught on October 26th. 2013, by Derek Valnes. He caught this amazing smallie weighing 7 lbs even on Horseshoe Lake in South Dakota, beating the previous record by 5 ounces. Smallmouth […]

 Christopher Smith

Missouri Smallmouth Stream Management

We’ve previously reported on Missouri’s proactive efforts of monitoring and managing smallmouth bass fisheries. The cool thing is that the MDC takes this job seriously and knows the value of smallmouth bass angling in the state. They understand that it doesn’t take much change in the habitat to see bass quality and populations decline. Smallmouth […]

 Christopher Smith

It’s Not Your Trash? Help Keep Our Smallie Waters Clean Anyway

Most avid smallmouth bass anglers don’t leave their trash behind. I realize I’m preaching to the choir here because you are most likely not guilty of leaving garbage where you have been fishing but I’m asking for your help. Recently, I took a 25 minute drive from where I live near Reading Pennsylvania to do […]

 Christopher Smith

Hey, Where You From? Origins Of The Smallmouth Bass

This historical account of the origin of smallmouth bass is an excerpt from Lost Secrets of The Smallmouth Bass, found on Amazon Kindle and can be found here:┬áLost Secrets of The Smallmouth Bass (Annotated) on Amazon Although the smallmouth bass is essentially a product of the Great Lakes of Canada, yet, during the past century, […]

 Christopher Smith

Montana Takes Hard Line Against Invasive Smallmouth Bass

This past summer, a few smallmouth bass were reported to have been caught in Seeley Lake, Montana. The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is taking a hard line against smallmouth bass and looking to eliminate a possible threat to native species such as trout and salmon. In response to the “threat” of smallmouth bass […]

 Christopher Smith

Invasive Asian Carp Suck

There are often concerns that invasive species will ruin our waterways and fisheries and these concerns sometimes are overblown or are flat out wrong. In the case of the Asian carp however, we may be in big trouble. Take a look at this video from a small stream in Illinois where the Asian carp have […]

 Christopher Smith

PA Fish Commish May Ban Live Crayfish Possession

A quick note to you PA smallie anglers… The PA Fish and Boat Commission will be voting on a proposal in October to ban the possession of live crayfish The problem is that non-native Rusty Crayfish have invaded some area of the Susquehanna and these new crayfish out compete native species, changing the ecosystem. These […]

 David Munoz

Flatheads vs Smallies

Hi guys,I have a theory for you to ponder. Here is a question about flathead catfish and smallmouth bass from one of our readers. Please comment below! Here on the Maumee River there’s a stretch that I fish from a boat. It’s a pool that runs about mile in between two rapid areas.I used to […]

 Christopher Smith

Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass Spawn Continues To Tread Water

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission continued their work this year of monitoring the success of the spawn in hopes that conditions will be perfect to produce a boost in smallmouth bass populations in the Susquehanna River. Despite keeping smallmouth anglers off the main stem this year, the Fish and Boat Commission found that this […]

 Christopher Smith

Catch And Release Smallmouth Tips

Smallmouth bass take a long time to grow to the trophy sized fish we love to catch. In recent years, catch and release fishing has helped preserve many of these bass and allowed them to survive, grow and reproduce. In some fisheries, catch and release is vitally important. In others, the taking of a controlled […]