Smallmouth Habitat

 Christopher Smith

California Delta Smallies Have Too Much Mercury

The California Delta is an area in Northern California that contains 1,000 miles of rivers and waterways. It was formed 18,000 years ago and modified by man as described here: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was formed about 18,000 years ago, when melting glaciers carved out and subsequently filled San Francisco Bay with water and northern […]

 Christopher Smith

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Rules Create Controversy

At, we are concerned and passionate about conserving smallmouth bass fishing everywhere. The DNR governing Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota did a complete 180 this spring when it announced its rules and slot limits for smallmouth bass and walleye this year. After having a a virtual catch and release only policy for smallmouth bass […]

 Christopher Smith

Shenandoah River Smallmouth Alive and Swimming!

The Shenandoah River is making a rebound and the smallmouth bass appear to be well on their way to recovering.  Back in 2004, smallmouth bass were found to be dying and pollution was suspected. In 2006, the river was so bad that it shut down Jeff Kelble’s fishing guide business. He then took up the […]

 Christopher Smith

The Decline of Susky, Potomac and Shenandoah Smallmouth Bass: What Does It Mean To The Chesapeake Bay?

The declining numbers of smallmouth bass found in the main stem and lower Susquehanna, Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers is being recognized as a canary in the coal mine. More and more people are recognizing the fact that smallmouth bass are sensitive to environmental changes and since these rivers make up a large percentage of the […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Spawning: Let’s Get Busy

The readers of come from a wide geographic area. In some areas, smallmouth bass are getting ready to spawn, in other areas, you are still shaking off winter and you are still in the pre-spawn phase. Since we are big believers in catch and release fishing, we recommend not targeting bedding smallmouth bass and […]

 Christopher Smith

Maine Alewives: Will They Hurt Or Help Smallmouth Bass?

The Maine legislature is currently in the process of deciding how rapidly to open up Maine’s St. Croix River to alewives.  Alewives are a native species of fish that were blocked from entering this waterway since 1995 due to concerns that they were having a negative impact on smallmouth bass. Just like most things, the […]


Smallmouth Markings

What are the markings on this smallie? This is a questions and picture recently submitted by one of our readers.  These marking are due to a pigment called melanin and are found typically in bass over 12 inches and most often in cold water. These bass tend to be common in the Susquehanna River as […]

 Christopher Smith

Impact on Smallmouth Bass: Is There Something In The Water?

Smallmouth bass are clearly being affected by something in the water in the Mid Atlantic region.  The young bass population is decreasing in the Susquehanna River, their reproductive organs are half testicle, half ovary in the south branch of the Potomac and there are concerns about the possible effects on the Chesapeake Bay. What’s in […]

 Christopher Smith

Can Killing Smallies Grow More Smallies?

How can killing smallmouth bass increase smallmouth populations? What about catch and release? This may not make any logical sense but today I came across an interesting study done in 2008 on a small lake in upstate New York name Little Moose Lake. Killing smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass were introduced to this lake in the […]

 Christopher Smith

Are Bass Sensitive To Sunlight? (Fact or Fiction)

There is a common myth that bass are sensitive to sunlight and that they hang out near cover, logs, weeds or go deep to get away from the sun because they have no eyelids. This is probably not the truth, although since we can’t actually ask them, all we can do is speculate. The truth […]