Smallmouth Lures

 Christopher Smith

Catching Smallmouth Bass In Streams And Creeks: Everything Smallmouth Fan Tips

“I’m seeing all kinds of advice about catching smallmouth in lakes and rivers. But, I float creeks of Kentucky in a kayak. Any advice from Everything Smallmouth Folks? I’m catching plenty of largemouth. But, I know there are smallmouth in my creeks. Others catch them. Please share some secrets.” We recently posted this question on […]

 Christopher Smith

Dave Mercer Explains Strike King’s Coffee Dream Shot

Dave Mercer shows the effectiveness of the Strike King KVD Dream Shot bait and tells us where Strike King came up with the formula for their coffee baits. Who would have thought bass would like coffee! Check it out ūüôā Dave Mercer and Strike King Coffee Drop Shot Bait Dave does great web clips that […]

 Christopher Smith

Lunkerhunt Bento Minnows For Smallmouth Bass

Big Lakes, clear water, smallmouth bass… drop shotting for bronzebacks is where it’s at in many area of the US and Canada. ¬†If you are interested in something new and highly effective, check out these Lunkerhead Bento Minnows for smallmouth bass. These realistic baitfish imitations will fire up even the laziest of smallmouth bass. Lunkerhead […]

 Christopher Smith

Double,Tandem or Zulu Rigs For Smallmouth Bass…Say What?

Long before Alabama rigs became popular in the bass fishing world, umbrella rigs have been used for salt water. ¬†With the recent surge in popularity for fresh water, there are new regulations in many states limiting their use. ¬†Because on the large size and regulations about too many hooks, let’s leave the Alabama rig for […]

 Christopher Smith

Vote In The Everything-Smallmouth Tackle Awards: Suspending Jerk Baits

What is your favorite suspending jerkbait for smallmouth bass? We all know catching bronzebacks on jerkbaits is a blast and there are too many jerk baits to mention here. ¬†Some of the top sellers are listed below as well as a few lesser known jerks… What say you? ¬†Comment below with your vote and why […]

 Jim Hanley

Lake Erie Bass Tips and Tactics for Tube Lovers

By Jim Hanley The first time I was introduced to a “gitzit” was in 1978 Thousand Islands tournament. Like the fish I was enticing, I was hooked by this new technique. That first day I was paired with Greg Ward, grandson of legendary TV Celebrity, Virgil Ward. He proceeded to show me what this “gitzit” […]

 Christopher Smith

Keitech Swimbaits For Smallmouth Bass

Swimbaits have become extremely popular over the last decade.¬† In the West, anglers have been using large trout-like imitation swimbaits that cost $50 or more to catch trophy sized largemouth bass. In recent years, their use in smallmouth bass fishing has surged as well. There are a variety of ways to fish them, either as […]

 Christopher Smith

Blade Baits For Smallmouth Bass

Blade baits are a curious thing. ¬†Knowledgeable anglers have used blade baits for smallmouth bass for years and it has passed under the radar of many of those fishermen who put their gear away when the leaves fall from the trees and hunting season starts. How could an unsexy hunk of metal catch sluggish cold […]

 Christopher Smith

Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits: Grubs, Swimbaits and Skirtless, Oh My

Most people keep their spinnerbaits and buzzbaits stock and put on different color skirts. ¬†Who’s to say that they need a skirt at all? After all, casting a skirtless buzz bait leads to less backlashes in windy weather and sometimes bass may want a different profile. Wired2fish recently did a great article on this. ¬†Check […]

 Christopher Smith

Live Bait For Smallmouth Bass

Is using live bait for smallmouth bass cheating? ¬†Or is it the best way to insure a great day on the water? Tournament fishing has spawned an explosion in artificial baits that us anglers feel we have to have to be successful on the water. There is definitely skill and technique that must be learned […]