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 Christopher Smith

Casting For Recovery: Fly Fishing To Reconnect With The World And Heal

Casting For Recovery, started in 1996 in Manchester Vermont, has grown to a large organization of volunteers helping survivors of breast cancer recover, reconnect and battle depression through the enjoyment of fly fishing. Casting for Recovery was founded on the principles that the natural world is a healing force and that cancer survivors deserve one […]

 Christopher Smith

Columbia River Smallmouth Fishing Tips

In this blog post, we are going to provide some Columbia River smallmouth fishing tips.  The river is so large and vast that it is difficult to provide a complete overview of smallmouth fishing but I hope this will help you become a more successful angler on the Columbia River. The Columbia River is the […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth « Jody Smith Guide Service

Smallmouth bass fishing in Oregon looks fantastic. My first real smallmouth bass experience was with a guide on the Delaware River in PA and I became a bronzeback fishing nut. Do yourself a favor and even if you think you know what you are doing, hire a guide to show you the time of your […]