State Specific Smallies

 Christopher Smith

Illinois Loves Its Kankakee Smallmouth Bass

If you are an avid smallmouth bass angler, you may have heard of the Kankakee River in Illinois. This time of year brings fantastic smallmouth bass fishing and the 30th annual Kankakee River Fishing Derby. Running from June 28th to July 7th, anglers are invited to register to compete for $100,000 in prizes. According to […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Champlain Bass Season Opens

Lake Champlain Fishing Report by Howard Hammonds: Finally opening day of bass season is here.  Well not really, we have been  fishing  ”catch and release” for weeks, it just means we can keep bass in our live wells and fish tournaments. Yea!!! Plunder Bay  tournament is Saturday morning, good luck to all. The bite is really on, especially […]

 Christopher Smith

Streamers For Smallmouth Bass

It’s Fly Fishing Friday and it’s time to share a little bronzeback fly angling fun. Check out this great video from a great Vermont stream where hefty smallies thrive. There are so many great smallmouth bass streams in the USA that if you live in smallie country, you never really need a fancy boat to […]

 Christopher Smith

California Delta Smallies Have Too Much Mercury

The California Delta is an area in Northern California that contains 1,000 miles of rivers and waterways. It was formed 18,000 years ago and modified by man as described here: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was formed about 18,000 years ago, when melting glaciers carved out and subsequently filled San Francisco Bay with water and northern […]

 Christopher Smith

Iowa’s Cedar River Smallmouth Fishing

All over the United States there are creeks, streams, rivers that hold some amazing smallmouth bass easily accessible on foot or small water craft. One of these is the Cedar River just south of the Minnesota border flowing south into the Iowa River. Catch and release regulations have protected the smallmouth population in the upper […]

 Christopher Smith

Sturgeon Bay Monster Caught!

Wow, Sturgeon Bay, WI has some amazing smallmouth bass! Silver Lake, Wisc. angler Tim Schneider didn’t come close to winning the annual Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament  this past weekend, but he did take home bragging rights. Fishing ‘tubes’ on a Shimano Crucial X72M spinning rod matched with a Stradic 3000 spinning reel, Schneider landed […]

 Christopher Smith

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Rules Create Controversy

At, we are concerned and passionate about conserving smallmouth bass fishing everywhere. The DNR governing Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota did a complete 180 this spring when it announced its rules and slot limits for smallmouth bass and walleye this year. After having a a virtual catch and release only policy for smallmouth bass […]

 Christopher Smith

Big Smallies In Kankakee High Water

Despite high, stained water, the fishing on the Kankakee for smallmouth bass is fantastic. Take a look at this recent article in The Daily Journal about the 22 1/2 inch bass pulled out of there at 7:45 am on a crankbait. Bonfield fisherman Mike Sovinski gave proof on Monday that high water fishing can be […]

 Christopher Smith

Shenandoah River Smallmouth Alive and Swimming!

The Shenandoah River is making a rebound and the smallmouth bass appear to be well on their way to recovering.  Back in 2004, smallmouth bass were found to be dying and pollution was suspected. In 2006, the river was so bad that it shut down Jeff Kelble’s fishing guide business. He then took up the […]

 Jamie Harris

Dale Hollow Spring 2013

Drop shotting for smallies  in 20 feet of water on the world famous Dale Hollow Lake. Doesn’t get much better than that!