Tennessee smallies

 John Rankin

[video] Trophy Smallmouth Bass Abound In Tennessee Waters

Are you in search of lakes and rivers full of potential trophy smallmouth bass? I know, silly question as we all are always in search of new places to fish for large bronzebacks. For those smallie fanatics who have never visited the state of Tennessee a trip to this state will open your eyes to […]

 Christopher Smith

Mid South Bass Guide Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report

Mid South Bass Guide fishing report: Sept 21, 2013, Tim’s Ford Fishing Report –Most of the smallmouth caught came from 15 to 25 FOW.We focused on main lake points/rounds and the front third of main lake pockets which consisted of transition areas of chunk rock to gravel. We used T-Rigged D-Bombs from Missile Baits, SPRO […]

 Jamie Harris

Dale Hollow Spring 2013

Drop shotting for smallies  in 20 feet of water on the world famous Dale Hollow Lake. Doesn’t get much better than that!

 Christopher Smith

Holston River Smallmouth Fishing

Whether you are a fly angler or spin fisherman, you’ll love fishing for smallmouth bass on the Holston River.  Like many of the rivers in this part of the United States, bronzebacks grow fat and happy, even in skinny water. From Wikipedia: The Holston River is a major river system of southwestern Virginia and east […]

 Christopher Smith

Tennessee 2013 Fishing Regulations: Effect on Smallmouth Bass

Hey Tennessee smallmouth fishermen! The Tennessee 2013-2014 regulations have been finalized and you can read about their effects on smallmouth bass here. Tennessee 2013 Fishing Regulations: Effect on Smallmouth Bass First of all, lets look at the effect on the Alabama Rig.  The state has gone to a three hook rule per rod.  Also a […]