Winter smallmouth

 Christopher Smith

Blade Baits For Smallmouth Bass

Blade baits are a curious thing.  Knowledgeable anglers have used blade baits for smallmouth bass for years and it has passed under the radar of many of those fishermen who put their gear away when the leaves fall from the trees and hunting season starts. How could an unsexy hunk of metal catch sluggish cold […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Wintering Holes

If you are a smallmouth bass fishing fanatic like me, you must learn about smallmouth bass wintering holes.  Most people think that smallmouth bass go dormant in the winter but this isn’t true.  in rivers especially, there is always some current and they burn energy fighting the current so must continue to feed. Since fish […]

 Christopher Smith

Fishing For Winter Smallmouth

Fishing for winter smallmouth can be a trying time unless you have become good at understanding winter smallies.  Winter smallmouth fishing is a blast because it is rare to get a dink.  To feel the subtle mush mouth or slight tick of the winter bite and set tthe hook is awesome. Here are some great […]