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Everything Smallmouth, Kistler Rods and Paul Krew Hand Poured Bait Give Away

Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page, Kistler Rods and Paul Krew have teamed up to give away 3 packs (55 baits) of Paul’s hand poured, amazingly detailed custom soft plastics to one of our lucky subscribers each month for June, July and August.

And just announced…

Kistler is offering their KLX Grass Punching-Stump Grinder X Heavy 7′ 3″ rod in addition to Paul’s baits for the August contest.

All you need to do is be a subscriber to our newsletter and LIKE Paul and Kistler and you will automatically be entered in the random drawing at the end of the month.

Enter To Win Here

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Paul Krew’s amazing baits & Kistler Rods!

Take a look at these babies! Click on the pics for a larger view and if you can’t wait to see if you win these baits for free, you can go here to get them today: click



KLX Grass Punching-Stump Grinder

KLX Grass Punching-Stump Grinder

About Paul

“I first got into hand pouring baits to give myself an edge in tourney fishing. I wanted to make baits and colors that no one and no fish had seen before.

As I got deeper into it, hand pouring became a passion of mine. Sure the money is good to have and I make a little with it, but hearing someones story on the fish they caught is what really makes my day. I did very well with my baits, and kept them a secret for a very long time. Some people still consider them there secret baits…I don’t sell to big chain stores and I pour each bait by hand, one by one from a very buoyant soft plastic that moves very well to the slightest current or rod action.

After a few years I decided to start selling my baits out of my garage and on Facebook. My garage is where I still pour all of my baits one by one. I have had big retailers try to by me out, but I’m not interested this is my passion! I am a custom shop and I can do all of my baits in any color desired. I also have allot of customers that know what the bass are after and send me photos of local craws and minnows so I can match the colors for them.”

Tight lines!

2 Responses to Everything Smallmouth, Kistler Rods and Paul Krew Hand Poured Bait Give Away

  1. Dan Torres August 21, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    That’s Paul. his hand poured soft plastics are the very best on the planet bar none. When I go fishing and the bite is tough, I go to my Paul Krew section of my tackle box, and fishing isn’t that tough anymore.

  2. Steven Preston August 28, 2013 at 6:30 am

    Paul Krew is the best bar none


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