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Fly Fishing Sometimes Better Than Spinning For Smallies

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Yes, its true. Sometimes, fly fishing can be better than spinning gear for smallmouth bass fishing.  Fly fishing for smallmouth bass has increased in popularity in the past few years but fishing via conventional spinning and baitcasting gear is still more popular.

The varieties of lures available for the conventional fishermen are endless but there are times that flies will match the hatch better and if smallmouth bass are keyed on certain bugs or small creatures, the fly angler will outfish him or her easily.

Sometimes Fly Fishing Better For Smallies?

On the nearby St. Joseph River, smallmouth will often lock in on insect hatches. This is never more true than late summer when smallmouth take advantage of the large white mayflies that hatch from the river bottom. This means river fish will feed on the “emerging” nymphs as they swim to surface, and after the terrestrial form of the insect hatches, the bass will switch over to them. This is exactly what trout do pretty much every day on a trout stream.

It’s hard to imagine a 20-inch slab smallmouth being so selective on small insects, but it happens quite often. When it does, the angler that is limited to conventional tackle will often fail to coax many fish to bite. To the contrary, fly fishermen will often hook fish on every cast.

I’ve seen it time and again: fly fishing will out-produce conventional lures and baits by a huge margin. It shouldn’t be a surprise as fly rods are capable of presenting much smaller offerings and fishing them much more effectively than conventional tackle options. I’m talking 10-to-1 maybe, or more. Fly fishing can be that effective.

Smallmouth Bass are, in fact, a fly fisherman’s dream fish. They are found in a diverse range of habitats, but tend to prefer slightly cooler and cleaner water than Largemouth Bass. Smallmouth anglers can often be found wading large wide rivers, such as the St. Joe or the natural flowing Kankakee River in Illinois, which for many is the definition of fishing.  Excellent source article here

Next time you see a smallmouth fisherman in a stream near you, get out your fly rod and see if you can frustrate the heck out of him by outfishing him on the fly.  Sometimes fly fishing is better for smallmouth bass.

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  1. AJ July 15, 2013 at 12:18 am

    I outfish my brother all day when he`s hot his spinning rod and i have my fly rod.


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