Christopher Smith

How To Fish A Drop Shot For Smallmouth

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If you are wondering how to fish a drop shot for smallmouth bass, I’ll see if we can get a few details on technique to improve your success.

Those that fish for smallmouth in deeper lakes need to have this as a part of their bag of tricks to put more fish in the boat.  To me, this isn’t the most exciting technique out there but it can be very effective.

Why is the drop shot effective? Watch and see:

How to fish a drop shot for smallmouth (or any bass)

Skeet Reese explains how to work the rod and rig the bait.

Rigging and tying the drop shot

Watch this demo with oversized tackle, just to get a visual on how to rig your line

The drop shot isn’t that much different than fishing a rig with live bait except you are giving it life.
For some of the top drop shot baits, there is an amazing selection here: click

If you can learn how to fish a drop shot for smallmouth bass you will put more fish in the boat!