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Lake Champlain Bass Season Opens

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1085083_699285990088987_1245464413_oLake Champlain Fishing Report by Howard Hammonds:

Finally opening day of bass season is here.  Well not really, we have been  fishing  ”catch and release” for weeks, it just means we can keep bass in our live wells and fish tournaments. Yea!!!

Plunder Bay  tournament is Saturday morning, good luck to all. The bite is really on, especially for big fish. Largemouth are starting to bed and or in the final phase of staging.

New moon is Saturday, therefore some will bed. I have caught several five plusers this week with bloody tails. Means only one thing, they were fanning a bed. Yesterday, I fished Ti area and saw many balls of fry and caught several  Mommas, with big fat bellies.

The water will muddy up from all the rain, just ignore it and fish the same favorite areas as the big girls won’t move. You may have to hit them in the head, but they are still there.

Earlier in the week, I had several guide trips on the North end of the Lake and caught dozen of smallies that were post spawn and saw many more staging.  The Lake is back ON, go get em!

Howard is fishing guide on Lake Champlain. You can find out more about Howard on his web site at

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