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Largemouth or Smallmouth – Invasive vs Native

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So here’s an interesting dilemma which goes to the common belief that catch and release is always best. Do we choose largemouth or smallmouth bass or do we let nature decide?

Wildlife officials in Maine are asking fisherman who catch largemouth bass to keep fish of all sizes caught in certain areas to protect native smallmouth bass.

Largemouth or smallmouth bass – invasive vs native

Maine fisheries officials are encouraging anglers to take large-mouth bass of all sizes from certain Down East waters starting Sunday.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says a new law allows licensed anglers to assist in the taking of illegally introduced invasive species in an effort to protect the resource.

Biologists have identified fish caught in Grand Falls Flowage as large-mouth bass, indicating the illegal introduction of the species to the area and prompting the effort to eliminate them before they can gain a foothold and endanger the small-mouth bass population already there. Source

The choice for a smallmouth bass fisherman is obvious here. We want to protect our favorite species. The thing to remember is that there are certain instances when not releasing certain fish is the recommended course of action. Do you have any comments about Largemouth or Smallmouth bass in this instance and do you think we should be trying to manage this problem?

One Response to Largemouth or Smallmouth – Invasive vs Native

  1. Donnie M brown July 1, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    There’s no reason to even bring this up, put stiffer laws aganst thoes who think they can out smart mother nature, why would any sane person want to catch largemouth when smallmouth are even presant, the only good thing about largemouth they take the preasure of the smallies, keep that northern water pure and keep the largemouth in the south, this could start another civel war!


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