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Million Dollar Smallmouth!

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Million Dollar Smallmouth

A million dollar smallmouth?  Cabela’s has tagged 12 smallmouth bass that could be worth $1,000,000 to the lucky (or good) fisherman that catches the bass prized bass.

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Somewhere in a Pacific Northwest lake there could be a tagged fish worth $1-million swimming around waiting to be caught by a lucky angler.

The Cabela’s ‘Wanna Go Fishing For Millions Contest begins Saturday, May 5 through July 8 in 10 lakes around Washington, Idaho and Oregon that are part of a 19-state fishing contest.

In Lake Washington there are 12 smallmouth bass and three cutthroat that were planted with the special “spaghetti” fluorescent tag.

“I tagged the 12 bass and three cutthroat trout on Lake Washington,” said Doug Garrett, the state Fish and Wildlife warmwater fish biologist. “The contest went really well last year, and three smallmouth bass out of the 15 fish we tagged were caught in Lake Washington.”

Top Prize: $1-million: If the Grand Prize Fish is caught and logged in the first ten fish by any participant in the contest and subject to verification; and $2-million: If the Grand Prize winner meets the above criteria and qualifies for the Cabela’s Recon Fish Grand Prize Doubler sponsored by GEICO. More of the article here

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, let me know if you have any good stories about the lucky fisherman who catches one the million dollar smallmouth!

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