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New Record San Marcos Smallmouth Bass

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In you’re not yet aware of smallmouth bass fishing in Texas, here is some more evidence that you can catch them there.

A 4 pound smallie was caught on a fly rod on the San Marcos River.  This river is near Austin and San Antonio and is home to many other species including smallmouth bass.

New Record San Marcos smallie

I cast my popper- dropper rig against a steep bank in swift current and a bass ate the dropper. In the fast water the 13-inch Guadalupe bass put up a good fight.

“Not bad for the first cast,” I said as I held the bass up for Mike to shoot a picture.

Mike paddled upstream from me about 150 yards and began to cast. But not for long. On his second or third cast I heard him holler. I didn’t pay too much attention because Mike gets excited about any fish.

Then I heard him again, but now he was paddling like a mad man toward me.

“Maybe a snake bit him,” I thought.

I laid down my rod and headed toward Mike.

“Wait ‘til you see this fish,” he yelped.

As his kayak beached on a gravel bar he held up a beautiful smallmouth bass. It was an awesome fish – long, deep girth, dark green-brown, almost black.

“Wow, what a fish,” I shouted. “That’s a new smallmouth bass river record.”  Source

Amazing smallmouth bass caught on a 6 weight fly rod.  If you have other stories to tell about Texas smallmouth fishing, let us know!

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