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River Smallmouth Winter Patterns Video Review

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River Smallmouth Winter PatternsWhoa, I recently watched Jeff Little’s “River Smallmouth Winter Patterns”, and all I can say is damn…

Why would I say that? Because for several years now, I have been at the mercy of the winter smallmouth learning curve and would mostly go winter smallmouth angling with someone that knew exactly where the winter holes were and could put me on fish.  Also, it is clear, that many of the largest fish caught in rivers are caught in the winter. It is common to catch lunkers and that is exciting.

River Smallmouth Winter Patterns Video Review

If you want to learn the safest, most effective way to catch river smallmouth bass in cold weather, invest the $20 and get this video. It is worth at least 5 times that amount in terms of time sand effort saved in learning winter smallmouth fishing.


Jeff runs through so much in the 2 hours of video that its hard to list it all but some of the things that I liked were the discussion on jerkbaits, how to keep safe and what to pack in the winter so that if there is an accident, you can survive, using hair jigs and paddle tail jigs  and finding locations where the water may be warmer and where smallmouth bass may stack up. There is so much here that there is no way to describe it all.

As Jeff Little says on a recent article on

Winter river smallmouth fishing isn’t something one usually aspires to.  It comes naturally to those who obsess about river smallmouth the rest of the year, and can’t really put it down once it’s cold.  The afflicted weep when the river finally locks up in ice, and are back on the river as soon as it opens up again.  They are in grave danger of death from the pursuit.  Those who commit to it know how to be as safe as possible.  Presentations are slow, down-sized and deliberate, in locations that they have worked hard to find.  The reward for enduring such harsh conditions?  Photos of personal bests speak to that!  Source

Some clips from the video:

River Smallmouth Winter Patterns

I highly recommend this video. It will open your eyes to winter river smallmouth angling and the possibilities in a river near you.

River Smallmouth Winter Patterns

You’ll be glad you did. It’s phenomenal!

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