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Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Door County Wisconsin

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Smallmouth Bass fishing in Door County, Wisconsin is amazing. This area of the country has recently gotten lots of attention due to the tournament in Green Bay. The pros were not allowed to go up into Sturgeon Bay, where some of the most prime smallmouth fishing exists.

Smallmouth Bass fishing in Door County Wisconsin

Bohn and I met for dinner that evening and he told me that he had just come off the water and had caught 4- and 5-pound smallies all day in fairly shallow water. He was fishing north of the boundary line that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had slapped on the Bassmaster anglers at the last minute with no advance notice. The pros were not allowed to fish any further north than the south tip of Sturgeon Bay.

We launched out of Sister Bay in Door County the next morning. Temperatures were high, there was no wind and the clouds were nonexistent. My hopes for a big day were buoyed when I spotted four bass that were easily better than 4 pounds sitting at the base of the concrete at the launch ramp. In fact, we spotted more than 50 fish lazily swimming in the bay.

We ended up having a good day but it was not what I had hoped for. Bohn and I caught more than 50 smallies. Source

Where to Launch

There are a multitude of great launches in and around Sturgeon Bay, and in each of the communities as you go up the peninsula. The county launches are outstanding and are only $5 or $6, with most of the town launches in Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim and Sister Bay about $10. If you have a state park sticker both Potowatomi and Peninsula State Parks have tremendous launches. On the Lake Michigan side you have the Bailey’s Harbor Yacht Club and Buys Point launch on Moonlight Bay.

Where to Fish

The reason we’re in Door County in the first place is to catch smallmouth bass. I’ve enjoyed concentrating on several spots. To the west of Sturgeon Bay on Green Bay you’ll find Little Sturgeon Bay, Rileys Bay and Sand Bay. The Flats are north of town on the east side of the shipping channel between Sunset Park and the Stone Quarry launch. Sawyer Harbor is north of town on the west side of the channel.

I’ve had some great success at various locations between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek Also, from Ephraim and Eagle Harbor north past Sister Bay and even farther up the peninsula. These are only some of the great spots to fish in Door County. Try exploring. You may be very surprised with what you find and what you catch. There is great habitat from Sturgeon Bay to the end of the Peninsula and after July 1 at Washington Island. And, from mid-peninsula to the tip on the Lake Michigan side.

In May and June I’m usually fishing in two to eight feet of water with the fish relating to the abundant bottom structure of rocks and boulders, as well as some vegetation. The fish will also relate to the variety of piers, jetties and other man-made rock structures. Be aware of the water depth. As soon as I’m in shallower water I slow down, my engine is tilted up, I have one eye on the depth feature of my locator and the other eye on the bottom. Source

Smallmouth bass fishing in Door County Wisconsin can be some of the best smallmouth fishing you can experience. If you have fished there, please share your experiences here or on our Facebook page!

2 Responses to Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Door County Wisconsin

  1. Mike Mladenik August 5, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Yes, the smallmouth fishery in Green Bay is amazing. The Menominee River, which enters into the Bay of Green Bay and borders Wisconsin and Michigans Upper Peninsula is also worth checking out. The Menominee can hold her own against any river in North America.

    Mike Mladenik

  2. Gino Testone August 20, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    I just recently vacationed in Door County, I was on a tour and I asked the tour trolley driver if he knew of good smallmouth bass fishing and due to he spent his entire life in door County and he has fished for small mouth bass, he told me one of really good spots would be North Bay on the Lake Michigan side, My question is are there places to launch a boat in North Bay, I think North Bay is just above Baileys Harbor. I will definitely will try to fish the Door, I have fished large body of water and it’s a little intimidating, I do have a 20 foot Yar-Craft that makes a little easier to navigate but still be very cautious. Any other info on fishing Door County much appreciated


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