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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report March 16, 2013

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img952012112095153348-3dd9ff3c5dcf463725d4b4b2eea485424dd52ec2Hi all, its time for our smallmouth bass fishing report to get you up to date on what is happening in various parts of North America.

Some say, “what do I care about what is happening in Tennessee or Virginia when I live in Minnesota? You can earn a lot by looking at the trends that occur through the entire year anywhere and apply those trends to your area as the weather changes.

Smallmouth bass fishing report 03.16.2013


Cherokee: Full pool 1,073 feet. The lake level is at 1,046 1/2 feet, up 1 foot from last week. Water temperatures are in the upper 40’s and low 50’s. Creeks are muddied and the main channel has good color. Smallmouth Bass — Good. Tournament anglers have not been having any trouble catching a lot of fish. Fish are being found from the surface to 20 feet deep. The Alabama-rig is probably the hottest bait on the water. Crank-baits and jerk-baits are catching increasing numbers also. Green, red and chartreuse are good colors. The creek arms have been producing a lot of fish.

Douglas: Water temperatures are in the upper 40’s. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass — Good. Crank-bait, jerk-baits and Rat’l-Traps are catching fish. The mouths of creeks have been producing really well. Larger bass are still deep.

Norris: Water temperatures range from the mid 40’s to the upper 40’s with afternoon temperatures reaching the lower 50’s in shallow areas. Smallmouth Bass — Fair. The bite has slowed somewhat since the lake has starting rising again. Points, larger gravel banks and ledges are holding fish when bait fish are present. Red and orange colored crank-baits, Redeye Shad and Rat’l-Traps continue to find fish shallow. Carolina-rigs, jigs, jerk-baits and Alabama-rigs are also catching fish on given days. Source

Not many fishing reports out there yet but as we get warming weather, we’ll be sure to share them with you!

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Thank you and tight lines!

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