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Smallmouth Fishing Report 11.30.2012

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110312080401-fa911c2938310f3eb5b01350747e895414975600It’s been a while since I compiled a smallmouth fishing report.  I hope these brief excerpts from around the USA will help you put together a pattern where you live to catch more bronzebacks.

Smallmouth Fishing Report November 30, 2012

Tennessee smallie report

Cherokee – Smallmouth Bass — Good. Fish are being found from the surface to 30 feet deep with the majority being found in the 10-15 feet range. Jigs and Carolina-rigs in watermelon, pumpkin or shades of brown are finding some success. Zoom Lizards in cotton-candy or green-pumpkin with chartreuse tails have been catching fish. Crank-baits, jerkbaits, buzz-baits, spinner-baits, Pop-R’s and Zara Spooks are all finding some success.

Douglas – Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass — Good. Fish are being found from the surface to 20 feet deep. Crank-baits and spinner-baits remain the hottest lures going with 8 inch red plastic worms close behind. Carolina-rigs with lizards, worms or Baby Brush-hogs in watermelon or pumpkin/chartreuse are also finding fish around rocky bluffs and points. Recently exposed islands are also very good locations to try.

Ft. Loudoun/Tellico –  Water temperatures are in the mid to upper 50’s. Smallmouth Bass — Improving. Recent tournaments have taken as much as 16 pounds and as little as 8 pounds to win. Schooling bait-fish are being found over most of the lake. Crank-baits, Rat’l-Traps, spinner-baits and other vibrating lures are catching fish. Jigs and Carolina or Texas-rigs with green pumpkin lizards or Baby Brush-hogs are also finding fish. Top-water lures are catching fish though out the day now.

Norris – Smallmouth Bass — Good. More good fish are being found in the 10-15 feet range. Rocky banks, points and mid-channel humps are producing fish shallow on crank-baits and small slender jerk-baits. Mid-channel, fish are being found under schools of shad. Small hair jigs and drop-shot rigs with either Gulp Minnows or Tuffy’s are catching larger fish 15-30 feet deep along moderately sloping rocky banks.

Melton Hill – Water temperatures are in the mid to upper 50’s.  Smallmouth Bass — Improving. Fish are 8-20 feet deep. Texas-rigged watermelon or pumpkin baby brush-hogs or beavers, jigs, spinner-baits crank-baits and Rat’l-Traps are all catching fish. The bite is definitely better when the dam is pulling. Rocky points and outcroppings are holding the larger fish.  Source

Oklahoma Smallie Report

Hefner – Elevation below normal and dropping, water 53-58 and clear. Smallmouth bass fair on jerkbaits at 4-8 ft. along the dam and east shore.

Blue River –  Elevation normal, water 49 and clear. Smallmouth and spotted bass fair on soft plastics in deeper pools around structure.

Texoma – Elevation 5 3/4 ft. below normal, water 64 and clear. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair to good on plastic worms and crankbaits at 5-15 ft. in the creek channels.  Source

If you have your own smallmouth bass fishing reports, feel free to share them here.  Our readers are always interested in the most up to date information available!

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