Christopher Smith

Live Action Smallies And Crayfish Revealed

Smallmouth bass live crayfish action This is some awesome video footage of smallmouth bass feeding on crayfish.  I share these underwater videos to show you what is actually happening when a bass reacts to and attacks your bait.  Dropping Bass Or Are They Bumping It? We often think we lose the bass due to our […]

 Christopher Smith

PA Fish Commish May Ban Live Crayfish Possession

A quick note to you PA smallie anglers… The PA Fish and Boat Commission will be voting on a proposal in October to ban the possession of live crayfish The problem is that non-native Rusty Crayfish have invaded some area of the Susquehanna and these new crayfish out compete native species, changing the ecosystem. These […]


Live Crayfish Tips for Smallmouth Bass- A Beginner’s Guide

Crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, and lobsters: there are a plethora of names to call these little crustaceans. These critters catch just about every predatory species of fish out there. From largemouth and smallmouth bass, to catfish and walleye, the scuttling and territory aggressive crayfish is hands down one of the greatest live baits to use for […]