John Rankin

Catching Smallmouth Bass on Streamers

If you have never tried fishing for smallmouth bass with a fly rod using surface and underwater flies you are missing some of the best action to be had. I “accidentally” snagged a nice smallmouth with my fly rod while fishing for bull bluegills. My initial reaction was I finally snagged the state record bluegill […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Flies: Keep It Simple!

If you are new to fly angling for smallmouth bass, there isn’t a whole lot that you will need in terms of variety of flies. Smallmouth bass are more aggressive than trout so you don’t need a lot of variety of flies. Just make sure you have a few from each category of flies to […]

 Christopher Smith

Holston River Smallmouth Fishing

Whether you are a fly angler or spin fisherman, you’ll love fishing for smallmouth bass on the Holston River.  Like many of the rivers in this part of the United States, bronzebacks grow fat and happy, even in skinny water. From Wikipedia: The Holston River is a major river system of southwestern Virginia and east […]