John Rankin

[Video] Using Tube Jigs For Smallmouth Bass Action

Has the fishing been slow lately? Wondering what you can do to get those tight lipped smallmouths to open wide for your bait is a dilemma all of us face. Don’t feel bad as this is part of fishing, and even the pro’s go through times of drought while casting all over the place. Experienced […]

 Christopher Smith

Lake Minnewaska Smallmouth Fishing

This recent article about Lake Minnewaska smallmouth fishing is a great lesson in approaching a new lake you aren’t familiar with. Lake Minnewaska smallmouth fishing Smallmouth bass are active on Lake Minnewaska right now, both shallow AND deep. Traditional shallow lure offerings like jigs and grubs, along with shallow running crankbaits were working last week, […]

 Christopher Smith

Ned Rig Fishing

There’s a new jig approach that is making waves out there.  Ned rig fishing is becoming popular in some areas due to its simpicity and effectiveness. Originally started by an In-Fisherman blogger, this set up is gaining attention and is catching lots of fish, including smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as many other species. […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Fish Grubs for Smallmouth Bass

If you fish for smallmouth bass to any significant degree, you will want to try your luck with the curly tail grub. The cool thing is that they can be fished as a swimming bait or a jig and fished on the bottom with various different jig heads. How To Fish Grubs for Smallmouth Bass […]

 Christopher Smith

Fishing For Winter Smallmouth

Fishing for winter smallmouth can be a trying time unless you have become good at understanding winter smallies.  Winter smallmouth fishing is a blast because it is rare to get a dink.  To feel the subtle mush mouth or slight tick of the winter bite and set tthe hook is awesome. Here are some great […]