Jim Hanley

Live bait fishing for small mouth bass on Lake Erie: Amazing success is only a dip away.

When booking a charter with me for small mouth bass on Lake Erie, I am often asked by new customers, “what quantity of fish can we expect to catch?”. My response for the last 25 of my 35 years in this business is 35 to 50 small mouth per day. I say 25 out of […]

 Christopher Smith

Best Live Bait For Winter Smallmouth

In many fisheries around the US, nothing beats live bait for smallmouth bass fishing success in the wintertime.  Many of you may be wondering which live bait is best un cold water conditions. Bass continue to feed year round but they don’t like to work for their food because their metabolism matches the water temperature […]

 Christopher Smith

Live Bait For Smallmouth Bass

Is using live bait for smallmouth bass cheating?  Or is it the best way to insure a great day on the water? Tournament fishing has spawned an explosion in artificial baits that us anglers feel we have to have to be successful on the water. There is definitely skill and technique that must be learned […]