John Rankin

[Video] Using Tube Jigs For Smallmouth Bass Action

Has the fishing been slow lately? Wondering what you can do to get those tight lipped smallmouths to open wide for your bait is a dilemma all of us face. Don’t feel bad as this is part of fishing, and even the pro’s go through times of drought while casting all over the place. Experienced […]

 Christopher Smith

Roberts Drake Fly For Smallmouth

In the midwest, and especially Michigan, the Roberts Drake fly is excellent for smallmouth while may flies are hatching out. In sizes 10-12 (and occasionally 14), the artificial fly we call the Roberts drake is a superb match for the real mayfly we know as Ephemera simulans, which will be popping off Michigan rivers in […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Fish A Suspending Jerkbait

Have you tried using jerkbaits for smallmouth bass but don’t understand them? I thought I’d relate some info on how to fish a suspending jerkbait so that you can have as much fun as the rest of us have when the “jerkbait bite” is on!  There are windows of time and conditions where jerkbaits are […]

 Christopher Smith

How To Rig a Tube for Smallmouth

I have written about tubes before and they’re use for smallmouth bass.  I wanted to discuss a bit about how to actually rig them for best success.  I typically use them in rivers so I match the weight needed with the current.  In higher current, I’ll use a 1/4 ounce weight and in lower current, […]