John Rankin

Top 5 Rivers for Smallmouth Bass Action

Fishermen are creatures of habit. When we find a river, lake, or impoundment that produces smallmouth bass in abundance we tend to stick with this body of water for the majority of our fishing time. Doing so is fine if you are happy fishing just one or two locations. For those of us who like […]

 Christopher Smith

North Carolina Smallmouth Bass

What? Smallmouth bass in the Carolinas? Heck yea! Everyone knows about the smallmouth bass fishing in Tennessee, right next door, so it makes sense that there are some great smallie fishing opportunities in North Carolina. On average, it takes 5 to 6 years for smallies to reach 12 inches in North Carolina. This can vary […]

 Christopher Smith

Fishing the New River for Smallmouths

If you’ve been reading about fishing the New River for smallmouths, you may be thinking what’s the big deal? The New River is onsidered one of the top rivers for catching smallmouth bass in the country. Fishing the New River for smallmouths For those who like excitement with their world-class fishing for smallmouth bass, few […]