Light Action Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Eddy

Light action fishing in eddies below a spillway can be a sure fire way to get a bend in your fishing rod. The techniques for fishing these eddies are most effective when simple and the brawl you get from smallmouth in the eddy will keep you coming back for more. An eddy is a break […]

 Christopher Smith

Holston River Smallmouth Fishing

Whether you are a fly angler or spin fisherman, you’ll love fishing for smallmouth bass on the Holston River.  Like many of the rivers in this part of the United States, bronzebacks grow fat and happy, even in skinny water. From Wikipedia: The Holston River is a major river system of southwestern Virginia and east […]

 Christopher Smith

Fall Susquehanna Smallmouth Fishing

Maybe it’s because I don’t hunt, but I don’t understand why many anglers put away their fishing rods and miss the amazing fall Susquehanna smallmouth fishing. This can be the most amazing time of year to hit the river and catch some great sized bronzebacks. Fall Susquehanna smalllmouth fishing Summertime on the Susquehanna is great […]

 Christopher Smith

BASS Mississippi River Rumble Smallmouth

This week’s BASS Elite Series takes us to the upper Mississippi River so let’s look at the BASS Mississippi River Rumble smallmouth factor. The tournament will launch in the area of La Crosse, WI at Veteran’s Freedom Park. If you look at this map, you can see that this is a tournament that will have […]

 Christopher Smith

Ozark Smallmouth Bass

Missouri learned a long time ago to manage Ozark smallmouth bass in lakes and reservoirs by setting strict limits on what fish could be harvested so that the smallmouth population can grow and prosper. Ozark smallmouth bass Rivers and streams in the Ozarks haven’t gotten the same level of protection but where these restrictions have […]

 Christopher Smith

Quinebaug River Smallmouth

Quinebaug River smallmouth are a wonderful resource available to the citizens of Connecticut. Some consider it one of the best smallmouth rivers in the state. Connecticut is home to a number of great smallmouth fishing locations. Here are some helpful hints about the Quinebaug River: The Quinebaug is eastern Connecticut’s premiere smallie fishing river. Slow […]

 Christopher Smith

You Can Help The Susquehanna River

Smallmouth bass plagued by you can help the Susquehanna River. By submitting an email or letter to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, you can make and impact on the future of this great fishery. I received this communication from the PFBC just this week: Sick fish, sick river. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat […]

 Christopher Smith

Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Rivers

Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Rivers can be a whole new world of fishing for you if you’ve never tried it and have stuck to trout fishing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you caught smallmouth “accidentally” but maybe you aren’t targeting them specifically.  They often share the same rivers and streams but […]

 Christopher Smith

GoPro Hero 2 and Fishing for Smallmouths?

Here is an awesome video highlighting great fishing on the Susquehanna and fantastic use of the GoPro Hero 2 video camera. Freaking awesome guys! Keep it coming! GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition (2011 Model)

 Christopher Smith

Summer Smallmouth Fishing

Summer smallmouth fishing can be tough.  Ken Maurer gives us a great viewpoint on where all the smallmouth bass have gone for the summer. Fishing in the mainstem on the Susquehanna has received a lot of attention because fish size is awesome but there are small mumbers of young bass which doesn’t bode well for […]