Choosing a Fly Rod for Smallmouth Bass

By: David Shorkey Choosing A Fly Rod Choosing a fly rod for Smallmouth Bass is an easy task if you follow the guidelines in this article. Most of this I have found out over the years through trial and error, because when I started fly fishing, there was no internet. Hopefully, this little guide will […]

 Christopher Smith

Streamers For Smallmouth Bass

It’s Fly Fishing Friday and it’s time to share a little bronzeback fly angling fun. Check out this great video from a great Vermont stream where hefty smallies thrive. There are so many great smallmouth bass streams in the USA that if you live in smallie country, you never really need a fancy boat to […]

 Christopher Smith

Winter Ozark Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Are you feeling restless? Got a little cabin fever?  As this video of winter Ozark smallmouth fly fishing shows, many areas of the United States are still productive for smallmouth bass, even in the dead of winter. Winter Ozark Smallmouth Fly Fishing When fly fishing for smallies, here is a common setup: For fly fishing, […]

 Christopher Smith

Why Fly Fish For Smallies?

Traditional fly fishing focused almost exclusively on trout.  In recent years, fly fishing for other species has exploded and some of you may be wondering why fly fish for smallies? Have you gone smallmouth fishing and you’re trying all kinds of lures but you see bass surfacing for flies on the surface?  I have several […]

 Christopher Smith

Fly Fishing Sometimes Better Than Spinning For Smallies

Yes, its true. Sometimes, fly fishing can be better than spinning gear for smallmouth bass fishing.  Fly fishing for smallmouth bass has increased in popularity in the past few years but fishing via conventional spinning and baitcasting gear is still more popular. The varieties of lures available for the conventional fishermen are endless but there […]

 Christopher Smith

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Tips

With spring coming to a close and the summer coming, many of you are looking for smallmouth bass fly fishing tips. As the water temperatures increase during the summer, trout become stressed very easily and targeting them becomes more difficult and can lead to higher death rates for the catch and release fly fisherman. Targeting […]

 Christopher Smith

Top Water Smallmouth Videos

Everyone loves seeing smallmouth bass caught on top water baits so I thought I’d compile some of the best top water smallmouth videos out there! Top Water Smallmouth Videos From our French Canadian neighbors! Fly Fishing With Poppers Black River New York Smallmouth I hope you enjoyed this selection of top water smallmouth videos. Many of […]

 Christopher Smith

Roberts Drake Fly For Smallmouth

In the midwest, and especially Michigan, the Roberts Drake fly is excellent for smallmouth while may flies are hatching out. In sizes 10-12 (and occasionally 14), the artificial fly we call the Roberts drake is a superb match for the real mayfly we know as Ephemera simulans, which will be popping off Michigan rivers in […]

 Christopher Smith

Top Smallmouth Flies

Although I’m sure there are many different opinions about the top smallmouth flies,  at some point we have to decide what we are going to go with and either buy them or make them.  Most bass fly fishermen love the thrill of catching a nice smallie on a fly that was hand tied by them. […]

 Christopher Smith

Beginning Fly Fishing Smallmouth Lures

If you are just getting started fly fishing for smallies, there are some beginning fly fishing smallmouth lures that you will want to focus on.  With time, you will broaden your horizons and learn to fish with top water baits, streamers and other baits that will “match the hatch”  Here’a a very basic guideline to getting […]