John Rankin

Catching Smallmouth Bass on Streamers

If you have never tried fishing for smallmouth bass with a fly rod using surface and underwater flies you are missing some of the best action to be had. I “accidentally” snagged a nice smallmouth with my fly rod while fishing for bull bluegills. My initial reaction was I finally snagged the state record bluegill […]

 Christopher Smith

Flying For Smallmouth

By Casey Ryan Smallmouth bass belong to the sunfish family and are one of my favorite fish to pursue with the flyrod. Smallmouth bass on average weigh up to six pounds, with females being the larger of the species. They may not grow as large as their more popular cousin, the largemouth bass, but pound for […]

 Christopher Smith

Streamers For After Dark Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Many smallmouth anglers have found that fishing for bronzebacks at dusk and after dark can be awesome. The fly angler can take advantage of these same conditions and cash in on smallmouth feeding frenzy, especially during a full moon. Streamers For After Dark Smallmouth Fly Fishing Streamers, big ones five inches or longer, which have […]