John Rankin

Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing Has Arrived

A common question I hear is “when is the best time to begin fishing for smallmouth bass”? This is a loaded question in several ways because it all depends on where you are thinking of fishing. In the northern climates of the United States and Canada the water temps are still below optimal temps, with […]

 Christopher Smith

What’s On Your Top 5 Lures for Smallmouths List?

We all have favorite baits that are our “go to” smallmouth bass lures when the fishing gets tough. To be a more productive fisherman it is important we keep an open mind about all the various lures, and baits available for snagging smallies. To this end, we have listed the top 5 lures for smallmouths, […]


Tried And True or Something New? Avoid Tough Bite Syndrome

Guest article by friend of everything-smallmouth, John Kaschak Every bass angler knows when the leaves start to fall its prime time for smallmouth bass. Tried and True As a tournament angler I notice a lot of people sticking with what they know may work, or what the current ‘trend’ is, and this means jerkbaits/spinners for […]

 Christopher Smith

Keitech Swimbaits For Smallmouth Bass

Swimbaits have become extremely popular over the last decade.  In the West, anglers have been using large trout-like imitation swimbaits that cost $50 or more to catch trophy sized largemouth bass. In recent years, their use in smallmouth bass fishing has surged as well. There are a variety of ways to fish them, either as […]

 Christopher Smith

Swimbaits For Smallmouth Bass

In the past year, I have been hearing and seeing more talk about using swimbaits for smallmouth bass.  Most bass fishermen are familiar with swimbaits for largemouth bass, especially out west fishing for big bass. I admit, I had tried some swimbaits while I was targeting smallies in Eastern PA and haven’t had much luck. […]