Tried And True or Something New? Avoid Tough Bite Syndrome

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Guest article by friend of everything-smallmouth, John Kaschak

Every bass angler knows when the leaves start to fall its prime time for smallmouth bass.

Tried and True

As a tournament angler I notice a lot of people sticking with what they know may work, or what the current ‘trend’ is, and this means jerkbaits/spinners for shallow or suspended fish, and for those who are up on the next big thing, drop-shotting is all the rage.

These techniques, without doubt, all catch fish. The issue with this is when every angler on a body of water is throwing the same three lures in similar colors day in and day out, the fish tend to stray away from these ‘looks’.

Something New

When this is the case I like to throw a QuicKbaits QuicKFish in pearl white on a 1/8 to 3/16 ounce jig head depending on the wind. This not only allows me to give a completely different ‘look’ from every angler on the water, but allows me to work multiple levels of the water column without having to change rods.You can treat this lure as a jig off the bottom, a swimbait for suspended fish, or a jerkbait style lure near the surface.

Next time you fish a pressured lake give this set-up a try to avoid “Tough Bite Syndrome” and see where the smallies are holding!

Tight Lines!

For more information on Quickbaits, check out their website and Quickbaits on Facebook!

John Kaschak

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