Cold Water Smallmouth On Jerk Baits

Cold water smallmouth fishing on jerk baits can be a real test of patience.  When the water is cold, we often go to hair jigs and tubes as our preferred bait.  To change things up a bit, using a jerk bait can sometimes be the ticket to success, if you have the patience. 
This is a nice video of using a jerk bait for smallmouth in cold water. Remember when trying to establish whether the smallies are on the jerk bait bite, use varying retrieves to see what the fish want. You may have to let it suspend for 10-30 seconds. The current does the work for you sometimes and an occasional twitch may be all you need.

Cold Water Smallmouth on Jerk Baits


Spring and fall can be great times to throw a jerk bait and have a blast. Water temps in the 40s and 50s are ideal for cold water smallmouths on  jerk baits.ᅠYou know if your elbow or shoulder are getting sore, then its been a good day.ᅠ
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