OUTDOORS: Warmer waters can mean big fish for local anglers

Smallmouth bass become more accessible and start biting right after ice out. A slow presentation is key in cold water to entice those sluggish bass to take your bait. Hair jigs and blade baits can be real winners at these times of year and are worth trying when the smallmouth are slow to take anything else.

Its always a good idea to run through a series of baits, in a number of locations so that you can develop a pattern for the day.

A lure that has been known to catch all species of fish, especially smallmouth bass, is a hair jig. A hair jig that ranges from one-sixteenth of an ounce to one-quarter of an ounce is most commonly used. The most popular color is black or black

Make hair jigs part of your winter and early spring fishing arsenal for bronzebacks, you’ll be glad you did!

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