Rigging Soft Jerkbaits For Smallmouth Bass

Today we will discuss rigging soft jerkbaits for smallmouth bass.

Soft jerkbaits such as Case Sinking Salty Shad, Salty Minnows, Zoom Super Flukes as well as many other types of soft jerkbaits can be an amazing choice for most of the fishing season in rivers and lakes.  I have had the most success with them in river smallmouth fishing and the key is the proper rigging and presentation of these baits to the fish.

Rigging Soft Jerkbaits for Smallmouth Bass

Watch the video below to see two ways to rig a soft jerkbait.


You should try different types of soft jerkbaits to see which ones you like.  There are many to choose from and they have different characteristics that may be important in the waters you fish.

How to fish a soft jerkbait for bronzebacks

Pardon the largemouths in the beginning of the video but Blaine and Chris do an awesome job explaining this bait.


More detail on fishing the soft plastic jerkbaits.  Moving the bait is not always the best way to fish these!


As you can see in these videos, allowing the fluke to sink can be key to catching larger fish.  When you are retrieving the bait, do quick little jerks on a slightly slack line so the lure will dart freely after the jerk or twitch. While it is sinking, reel in some of your slack enough to allow for the next twitch but not enough to tighten the line.

Rigging soft jerkbaits for smallmouth bass is not complicated but as you can see, there are specific techniques that will increase your success rate in catching quality smallies.

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