Uwharrie smallmouth


Kayak for smallmouths

Fishing from a kayak for Uwharrie smallmouth bass can be a blast! You can get to water that no one else can get to and put yourself in a position to have a great time. ᅠOne of the things that wasn’t mentioned here is that a lot of times the water you come through is fairly shallow so if you find a good location, beach the kayak and spend a few minutes casting to areas that look like they would hold smallies. ᅠ

It is tough to get back upstream to hit those areas again and even with a jet boat, you tend to disturb the fish going back through the area.

Smallmouth bass near Salisbury? Most anglers would think you don’t know what you’re talking about, but one trip down the Uwharrie River will convince you that these aggressive and spirited cousins of the largemouth bass are in fact plentiful for those willing to drive an hour for an angling adventure…

Anglers should also keep in mind that fishing for smallmouth is nothing like fishing for largemouth.

Smallmouth bass prefer colder, fast-moving and more oxygenated water, which is why you won’t find them in our regional lakes.

They also prefer to eat crawfish over most other forage found in the river. Then again, in a small fishery such as the Uwharrie, food can be scarce at times so the bass often take whatever they can catch.

As for casting lures, in-line spinners, small spinner baits, and small crank baits, especially crawfish patterns, are the go-to baits. Smallmouth like to hide in the eddies created by rocks or other structure in the river that blocks the current.

Most successful casts are upriver, past these types of structure, where the bait is allowed to flow naturally down the river past where the fish are hiding to ambush food.  Click here to visit the original source of this post

With the spring here and smallmouth in full fighting form, figure out a way to get out on the water and fish. ᅠUwharrie smallmouth in this small river in North Carolina are just another example of how you can find smallies in a stream or river near you.

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