Extreme Underwater Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This is bad ass! Love it! We all worry about spooking smallies when we fish. This is some cool video that you’ve got to see. Looks like a blast! To stay up to date on the latest in smallmouth bass fishing, check out our

Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass: A Dying Species?

Imagine this: You arrive in a new town on a Saturday afternoon. There are people everywhere you look. You go to the usual places where people should be and from a distance everyone appears happy and normal. You go to the local diner and

Spinnerbait Heaven!

It was the 26th of June, rain had come through and we were looking  of river and brought our totals at that point to 48 bass and one 20″ walleye. We were having so much fun, we forgot about lunch until things died down

Biospawn Reinventing The Soft Plastic

I am an absolute creature of habit. I learned to fish on Yamamoto Senkos in Green Pumpkin. The same bait my Uncle still fishes. When times are tough and you are hurting for a bite, that’s what you throw. I’ve caught more bass than

Tying The Palomar Knot: A Close Up Look

The palomar knot is one of the favorite fishing knots of many pros due to it’s strength and speed that at which it can be tied. We’ve all felt the pain of losing a “monster” due to an epic line or knot fail. Because

Early Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing

For those who may have missed the pre-spawn and spawning time for catching smallmouth bass we still have hope for catching smallies during the early summer smallmouth bass fishing period before the full onslaught of summer. There is little doubt catching large bronzebacks becomes

Brazos River Smallmouth Fishing

Texans like to say “everything is bigger in Texas” and for those fishermen fishing on the Brazos River this is certainly true concerning the size of the smallmouth bass they are catching. Recently a monster smallmouth was recently snagged on the Brazos. This smallie

Tips for Taking Better Fishing Pictures

Tips for Taking Better Fishing Pictures Photos of a great fishing trip bring back the memories years later, so today we have a few tips for taking better fishing pictures to help you capture these special moments in a clear and beautiful way. Pictures

Tips for Catching Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass

Water temperatures are warming to the critical fifty five degree and up level for pre-spawn smallmouth bass to be moving, and leading the pack will be the monster smallies we covet. So what better time than now to get serious about targeting these elusive