2013 Mississippi River Rumble Smallmouth Search

The Bassmaster Elite 2013 Mississippi River Rumble should be a good show for smallmouth bass fishing fans.

Taking place on the upper Mississippi, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, the Bassmaster Elite anglers are in some of the best smallmouth bass fishing waters in the country.

Although some anglers will be targeting largemouths to try to add a bit of extra weight to their end of the day totals, smallmouth bass are going to play a big role here.

The Elite Series has returned to the upper Mississippi River for the second consecutive year and during the same week as in 2012, to boot.

That means that the guys fishing this event have some history here, and they have a pretty good idea of who’s going to do what in the 2013 reboot of the Mississippi River Rumble.  Source

Looking through some of the opinions on who may pull this one out, many of the Elites are looking for Dean Rojas to do well here due to his expertise in fishing shallow water with his frog techniques. No one seems to have the frog down to a science as much as Dean does.

With regards to strategy, here are some things to keep in mind:

Last year, Todd Faircloth took home the trophy and will surely be hoping for a repeat. For Faircloth to do this, he will most likely have to attack the river in a different way. The largemouth bass will still be there, but the river is not as high as it was last season. The grass will not be as thick. The largemouth will be a little more scattered about, putting the smallmouth bass more into play this year. The angler who can find the best mix of largemouth and smallmouth will take home the trophy and the big check that comes along with it.  Source

Be sure to hook up with Bassmaster.com to follow all the Mississippi River Rumble action and let us know who is your pick for this tournament from smallmouth bass heaven!

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