Black Blade Spinner for River Smallies

Spinner bait from Cabelas

Sometimes throwing a spinner bait for mallmouth bass is the most fun a human should be allowed to have. Black blade spinners for river smallies are an option to have in your tackle box.

Whether you are slow rolling it along the bottom waiting for a “thump” or burning it near the top to cover lots of water looking for aggessive smallies, it is awesome. If you want to try something new, check out this blade skirt combo from the forums at Bassresource.

Black Blade Spinner for River Smallies

I was told this was a great lure w a black skirt w a trace of chartruse – for fishing Smallies in a clear river, what do you guys think? Thanks

Riverside, I have a lot of success with black lures in all types of conditions. Fact is, black, white & chartreuse are the colors I’ve had the most success with, in lures, and flies, and for many different species. For river fishing, and Smallmouths I particularly like black on overcast days, but it works on bright days too. I agree with the others, try it & see for yourself!  Click here to visit the original source of this post

I haven’t used black spinnerbaits for largemouth bass but not for smallies. I definitely will need to try them! I have had a lot of success with black tubes. If you have had some experience with this, let us know and comment below!


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