Buckeye Smallies? Restoring The Olentangy River

800px-Columbus-olentangy-river-bridge-nightThere is a small river that meanders its way through the middle of Ohio, passing south towards Columbus and passing right by the campus of the Ohio State University.

Good news for smallmouth bass fans and nature lovers everywhere!

The City of Columbus is investing $7 million dollars to create a habitat that is pleasing to wildlife as well as people looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

The work is going to occur near Ohio State’s stadium and the medical center.

The city project to restore the river will add green space and wetlands. Another aim is to open the river to boaters by removing a dam and connecting new recreational areas with city trails.

Workers have planted willows and other plants to stabilize the riverbanks and removed invasive plants.

The idea is to allow the river to flow naturally, which should improve the water quality and attract fish and other wildlife. Project officials said they’ve already seen smallmouth bass return to the area.  Source

The project will take years to complete and the vegetation the has been planted will take years to mature but the wait will be worth it.

It’s always great to see these types of projects succeed. Smallmouth bass returning to the area is a good sign as they tend to be pretty sensitive to environmental conditions.

If you have fished this river, please leave a comment below!

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