How To Build A River Drift Boat

Every year I go to Cape Cod and in the town I visit, there is always a raffle for a handmade kayak. I enter that raffle every year in hopes of winning because it is not only an amazing kayak, but the craftsmanship is superb.

Many of you are very skilled in woodworking and love the challenge of building and creating, whether it is lures, custom rods or even your own boats.

How would you like to build a river drift boat for your smallmouth bass adventures?

The key is having the right plans and you can build it for a lot less than it would take to buy it!

Building a River Drift Boat

For step by step instructions and building plans, check out My Boat Plans >>> click here

Building your own boat can be an exciting challenge and some people move on from one type of boat to another type of boat. You can access more water via a kayak, canoe or drift boat and get the satisfaction of building your own boat that you can use for years to come.

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