Some of the basics for fly fishing – Smallmouth Fun!

Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is a hoot! Some of the basics for fly fishing are included in this great article. It has never been a better time to get into this niche due to the great improvements in tackle priced in a reasonable range. Since bronzebacks aren’t that picky, you don’t need the wide variety of baits that you might need for trout and this might just be a great way to make those summertime smallmouth trips a little more challenging!

Basics of Fly Fishing – Smallmouth Fun

In the last five years I’ve seen rods that cost around a $100 that cast as good as the old graphite rods that used to cost 400 to 500 bucks 20 years ago. Today that $100 beginner’s rod can cast a line short, long and anything in between and cast well. ..Today you can buy a bargain fresh water reel for 29 bucks and it will last a long time.  You need a rod, reel, line, backing, a tapered leader, some tippets and flies.


For large and smallmouth bass, you need a 6 or 8 weight fly rod. The 6 weight will handle most situations except for Florida bass that are street fighters. If you plan to fish Florida or are going to cast large wind resistant bass bugs, then you need Click here to visit the original source of this post

This isn’t a smallmouth specific article but it has some great tips for getting started with some of the basics of fly fishing!

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