Casting For Recovery: Fly Fishing To Reconnect With The World And Heal

Casting For Recovery, started in 1996 in Manchester Vermont, has grown to a large organization of volunteers helping survivors of breast cancer recover, reconnect and battle depression through the enjoyment of fly fishing.

Casting for Recovery was founded on the principles that the natural world is a healing force and that cancer survivors deserve one weekend — free of charge and free of the stresses from medical treatment, home, or workplace — to experience something new and challenging while enjoying beautiful surroundings within an intimate, safe, and nurturing structure.  Source

Fly Fishing To Reconnect With The World And Heal

Those of us involved in recreational fishing know the rejuvenating power of the great outdoors.  The caring people with Casting For Recovery know of these principles as well.

Depression is a familiar companion to many women dealing with cancer.

But emerging from last month’s Casting For Recovery program, one participant discovered she’d reeled in some hope.

“Thanks for the launching point this weekend,” she told organizers after spending time with other women dealing with cancer.

Fourteen women gathered at the Big K Guest Ranch near Elkton Sept. 7 through 9 for the ninth annual Casting For Recovery. They shared their stories, they learned about fly fishing, they stood in the flowing, soothing waters of the Umpqua River. And they casted, in hopes of catching a smallmouth bass.

“It connected you with other women who had breast cancer,” Vickery said. “There was a bond between the women that I can’t even describe. You realize every woman who goes through breast cancer has a different story, but because you’ve been through it, you feel you know how those women feel. You get it.”

Vicki Johnston of Roseburg, who attended this year’s gathering, said she believes the program offers physical and mental benefits. She was diagnosed with breast cancer on New Year’s eve, 2008. She had surgery the following January and then again in February.

Casting for Recovery offers “a release to be around women who are going through the same thing, who know what you’re going through,” Johnston said.  Source

Casting for Recovery’s “Voice of Courage” video (4 mins.) from Casting for Recovery on Vimeo.

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We can all learn so much from the volunteers that make this program possible.  If you are interested in finding more about this program for you or a loved one, go to the Casting for Recovery Web site here: click

To donate your time or money, go to their “How You Can Help Page”, here: click me

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