Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Erie

Smallmouth bass fishing on Lake Erie is something that should be on everyone’s “bucket list”.  This is Lake Erie fishing in the fall.I could watch this stuff all day. Lake Erie used to be like a sewer pit. When the invasive species moved in (gobys and zebra mussels), the gloom and doom people sent out the alarm that the lake would be ruined. The story may not be over but for now, the smallmouth bass fishing, as well as other gamefish, are thriving.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing On Lake Erie

Lake Erie is a a clean, beautiful natural resource. underwater vegetation is thriving and the Goby’s are a smallmouth’s favorite meal there.  When the 5 + lb smallmouths dig for the bottom of the lake, you’ve got to be careful to not let them become unbuttoned.  One of the things mentioned in the video is to put some fish attractant in the tube to make it tasty to the bass.

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