Cheap Smallmouth Fishing

Let’s explore cheap smallmouth fishing a bit.  We all see these great pictures of fantastic smallmouth bass from big lakes such as Erie and Lake St. Clair and don’t have the cash, the time or the gear to go to a location like that.  Bass boats, jet boats and even kayaks, canoes, etc require time and money to deal with.

If you over complicate going fishing, thinking you need 6 rods, 2 tackle bags  and a boat, you’re not going to go.  Take a hint from this guy:

Cheap smallmouth fishing

The biggest thing to note in this video is he hit the creek before work… As I tell my wife, I’m gonna go throw a few casts.  This can lead to some awesome fishing adventures. Streams and rivers can be the best for this because after the spawn in large lakes, the bass tend to move deep and travel in packs.  in streams and rivers, its easier to get to the structure and conditions smallmouth like.

Keep your fishing simple

Just get yourself a rod with your favorite line, a few tubes, maybe a Kalin’s grub, a top water bait and a few senkos and you’re good to go. Just don’t throw your expensive crankbaits or jerkbaits where you can’t get them if they get snagged!

The nice thing about cheap smallmouth fishing is that if the bite isn’t on, you haven’t committed your whole day to catching fish.  Loading the boat, the gear, driving, launching and not catching…is better than working but can be frustrating!

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